About PROCURE - The Force Against Prostate Cancer

Founded in 2003 by Marvyn Kussner, PROCURE is the only charitable organization in Quebec to be exclusively dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer through research, awareness and education and support for men who have this disease and their families.

For every dollar donated to PROCURE, 93 cents directly go to the fight against prostate cancer, of which 59 cents directly go to research.


  • 6.1M $ invested in research in Quebec since 2007
  • 4 000 biological specimens in the PROCURE Biobank

Support and Information

  • Free 24/7 support line
  • 5000 calls/emails froms patients and their loved ones


  • Large scale campaigns (ex: Bowvember)
  • 300 conferences given about prostate cancer

Did you know? 95% of tumors detected early are cured

As the disease is often asymptomatic and surrounded by unfounded taboos, men are still reluctant to seek an annual screening test from their doctor (blood test APS and rectal examination).

Simple and fast, this test can detect cancer tumors at an early stage, which greatly improves the success rate of treatments.

Prostate cancer in Quebec

  • 4600 men are diagnosed each year
  • 12 hommes par jour
  • 900 men die of prostate cancer every year in Quebec
  • 900 hommes meurent du cancer de la prostate chaque année
  • 3rd cause of cancer death
  • 24% of new cancer cases
  • 40% of diagnoses affect men aged 60-69
  • Only 56% of Quebeckers know that prostate cancer affects only men ... 

Video testimony of our Bowvember 2016 Ambassadors

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