Official Jerseys of the Tour du Courage PROCURE


The participant jersey will be awarded to all cyclists registered for the 11th edition of the Tour du Courage PROCURE.




At the Tour de France, there is a jersey that we remember and it is the "Maillot Jaune". At the Tour du Courage PROCURE,  the "Maillot Jaune" is awarded to the largest individual fundraiser. 




Awarded to cyclists who have participated in 7 or more times at the Tour du Courage PROCURE. Currently, 21 cyclists will receive this prestigious jersey.




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36 minutes ago
Lise Nadeau
1 day ago
Marc Beaulieu
Et Voilà, Objectif 2k atteint. Félicitations Pierre et Merci de travailler fort pour cette cause que l'on souhaite jamais n'avoir besoin mais qui est si importante. Au plaisir! Marc
3 days ago
Chantal Lajeunesse
7 days ago
Catherine Kappos-Guerreiro
Bonne chance Michel.
9 days ago
Merk Sokolow

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