Our cyclists of Courage


Laurent Proulx

Laurent Proulx, creator of the Tour du Courage PROCURE

After his diagnosis, Laurent wondered about the progress of research. In support of researchers, he created the Tour du Courage PROCURE, a cycling challenge that gave a new meaning to his professional life as he became the CEO of PROCURE!

Twelve years later, the Tour is now a major fundraising event in Quebec.

And it all started with the courage of one man!


René Lehoux

René Lehoux, 10 participations to the Tour du Courage PROCURE



Jean-François Michaud, 11 participations to the PROCURE Tour du Courage

« I know a few people who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I have seen the effects of the disease and the anxiety they have had to deal with... The Tour du Courage is basically a fundraiser and this is my way of contributing to the cause. By raising funds, every participant helps to encourage research and allows PROCURE to fulfill its various missions, including informing the public... By doing the Tour du Courage, we also identify with the people who are fighting cancer... It's a way to share their suffering and be supportive of their challenges. »



Josée Garneau, 11 participations to the Tour du Courage PROCURE

Discover Josée, a cyclist of Courage who is riding against prostate cancer in tribute to her husband Laurent, diagnosed in 2009. Between his diagnosis, the relentless fight and the will to demystify prostate cancer, Josée tells us her story and her commitment to the PROCURE, the heart full of emotions.



Carl Simon Valiquette, 11 participations to the Tour du Courage PROCURE

« My uncle had prostate cancer, so this is a cause that is very close to my heart. Prostate cancer is a man's story, but at the same time it's a family story... and you're never too young to get involved! »



Charles-David Janson, our youngest cyclist of Courage.

« I started by volunteering just to help out. The event allows you to meet people who share the same values and the urge to get things done. It's a great opportunity to share, it's liberating and rewarding. ... I would like to tell men suffering from prostate cancer to keep on going, to move forward, and that it will be okay. »



Meet Luc Janson.

« For the people diagnosed with prostate cancer, there is an attachment to PROCURE. You can feel that it is a motivating factor. It's very emotional when you're close to these men ... but hope is about looking forward, not looking at the present nor the past



Young 65 years old retired, François Bastien has been participating since 2011. In solidarity to his close friends, suffering from prostate cancer, François commits himself to PROCURE by challenging himself year after year.

«What drives me the most in this fight is the support that PROCURE gives to those who are affected by prostate cancer ... Twelve men a day, nothing prevents it from happening to me. »



Marc-André Roy, 11 participations to the Tour du Courage PROCURE

« PROCURE raises awareness about prostate cancer. I'm in the age where you have to be tested and you realize how vulnerable you are and how present this disease is... A great friend of mine had prostate cancer about 7 or 8 years ago... My message of hope is to see my friend Jacque, despite everything he's going through, still going to work. He continues his treatments, he is healthy and as long as we remain positive, there is hope. »



Daniel Tardif, 4 participations to the Tour du Courage PROCURE

« Men tend not to talk about prostate cancer and I've experienced this more than once with people I've approached who have thanked me for my involvement in the Tour de Courage.. Ten years ago, nobody talked about prostate cancer, even though it was the most common cancer among men. With the Tour du Courage, we're not only helping research, but we're also making sure that among men it's discussed more openly. »



Stefan Bodnar, 7 participations to the Tour du Courage PROCURE

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