Preparing for the challenge

For some, cycling from Montreal to Quebec in one day is doable, for others it is inconceivable.

How to go from the inconceivable to the doable?

Here are some tips to help you meet your 90, 180, 270 or 360 km cycling challenge in a day, a week, or a month.

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5 tips to get ready for your goal
5 tips for getting on your bike (without having to lose weight)
Climbing a hill – Learn bike dancing
The art of recovery
It is also happening in your head
Training mistakes to avoid

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A rolling buffet on the go? Yes, in pandemic time!
The best diet?
Atypical and innovative - A look at food supplements
The best 2019 Energy bars
Pickle juice and other revolutions

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Rediscover the pleasure of cycling
Prevent knee injuries: how to adjust your saddle

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5 steps to find the right helmet ... and know how to adjust it

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At the Montreal Bike Show, Saturday February 22, 2020, our speaker presented a conference entitled: Impact of cycling on the health of your prostate. Click here to access the presentation (in French only) 

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