Sollicitation Messages

To start off your fundraising on the right foot, copy and paste different messages from this page in your email sollicitations. You can even download these visuals for your social medias. 

Example #1


Only 9 weeks before the end of my Tour du Courage PROCURE challenge: ride X kilometers in X days to support men affected by prostate cancer. 

This week, I am looking for X generous souls willing to donate 36$ to fight against this cancer that affects 12 Quebecers a day. With this amount, you help PROCURE offer an informational webinar conducted by experts in the field and help me acheive my goal. 

Thank you for your donation (instert your url link here)

Together, we are stronger!


Example #2


This week, I have set myself a major objective to acheive my Tour du Courage PROCURE challenge. 

Raise XX donations of XX$ to support the 12 Quebecers a day that receive a prostate cancer diagnosis. 

You are part of the XX people I have selected for this mission. If you geel so inspired, help me acheive my goal by clicking my link (add URL link here)

Individually, we are but a water drop. Together, we are an ocean and we can raise XX$ together. It is the strenght in numbers that will help us fight the most common cancer among men.

Use one of these banners to help make your email more dynamic!


Example #3


I have 11 weeks to acheive my goal to raise $$$. Since I have taken up the challenge to ride X km for the cause, I had a special thought for the men affected by prostate cancer and the challenges that they go through. My goal is quite easy compared to the stress and the unknown that they face. Thinking of the 12 Quebecers a day that are affected, they motivate me to surpass myself physically, but also in my fundraising. This is why I need your support today. With your donation, I support an organisation renowned for their patient support, the quality of their webinars and their contribution to promissing research. 

Help me help them. Thank you for donating here (insert URL link here)


Example #4


This year, I have participated in the 12h edition of the Tour du Courage PROCURE to fight against prostate cancer. It takes a lot of courage to face this illness. 

Did you know that 12 Quebecers a day receive a diagnosis?

That means that between May 20th and June 20th, 360 men will learn the news...In support of these men, I have decided to ride X km in X weeks. I will need your help to reach my fundraising goal of X$. I am already at X$ raised today, but I still have a bit to go. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will mean a lot! You only have to click on this link: Insert link here.

Thank you for helping me help!