The PROCURE Ride App

To use the PROCURE Ride App

PROCURE has developped an app allowing you to cumulate your bike rides between May 20th and June 20th 2021. To use the app, you have to enter a user code. To get this code, you have 2 options: directly in the app, you can get your user code sent to you by entering your email adresse or connect to your user oage on the Tour du Courage PROCURE website, by clicking on the  "Login" button.

Once you have loged in, your user code will be between brakets:

[ ]


To download the PROCURE Ride App:

1. Téléchargez l'application PROCURE Ride App sur App Store ou Google Play :


2. Enter your email adress used for your registration and click on "Forgot your code?" , you will receive a code by email.


3. Cumulate your kilometers at the start of your ride by clicking on "Start


4. Start your ride by clicking on the "play" button. You can pause and restart at any time.

5. Details of your activities will be summarized, including your km and the donations you have raised in the "Leaderboard" section. 


For any  question, please contact : or 514-341-3000

RIDE APP - Personal information protection policy

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21 days ago
Brandon Desmarais Patterson
1 month ago
Christian Gélinas
Bravo, lâche pas.
1 month ago
Philip Schneider
Great project, congratulations on your 100 km
1 month ago
Robert David
C’est beau Jean-Luc! Désolé du retard.
1 month ago
Richard Mainardi
Thanks Dr. Jacobson for all that you do for the cause.

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