From May 19th to June 19th 2022, travel up to 360km in support of the 360 men diagnosed.

For this 13th edition, PROCURE renews the Tour du Courage PROCURE in the form of a cycling challenge for a month. The concept? Ride up to 360km in a 30 day period, coming to a close on Father’s Day.

A 13th edition rich in purpose 

Everyday in Quebec, 12 men receive a prostate cancer diagnosis. Between May 19th to June 19th 2022, 360 men will learn the news. 

In recognition of these men, we are challenging all cyclists of Quebec to travel up to 360km in a day, a week or a month. Each travelled kilometer is pays tribute to a man diagnosed with prostate cancer and each dollar raised contributes to our supporting efforts and research.

Let’s ride together for the cause?

Beginner or advanced cyclist, join the movement and choose your challenge against prostate cancer!


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